Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Visitors bring the Sunday liturgy and Holy Communion to residents at El Castillo Retirement Community on East Alameda in Santa Fe.   This team offers an excellent, professional, heartwarming ministry to those who cannot attend regular worship services in church.  The priests join them periodically for anointing and blessing at these services.  For information about the group contact Fr. Jim Gordon at (505) 982-4447 ext 110 or email

Lay Pastoral Visiting Team

This team is comprised of compassionate parishioners who visit the homebound bringing friendship and assistance to those in need.  The team provides special care that supplements the pastoral care if the parish clergy.  The group meets from time to time to share experiences and for support and training.  For information about the group or to volunteer, contact Fr. Jim Gordon at (505) 982-4447 ext. 110 or email

Bereavement Ministry

Grief emerges in many ways and from many sources, not just physical loss. Encountering grief from whatever source requires solitude as well as times of connection to be seen, heard and supported. As part of The Church of the Holy Faith Grief Ministry, each Wednesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., we gather in the Healing Resource Center on the second floor in Conkey House for “Evening Council.” All are welcome to join. The Council Process is a form of connection, listening and responding found in many traditions. This process can help us navigate life’s transitions, distractions, sufferings, joys, losses and successes. Informational flyers are on the literature table near the main entry to Conkey House. The Healing Resource Center is your space and contains a large library dedicated to spiritual health and healing. Watch for our announcement of a one-day healing workshop, currently set for December 14, 2019. For more information, contact Steven Hecht at 660-8871 or