Guy Gronquist – Sr. Warden
Paul D’Arcy- Jr. Warden
Penni Chambers – Treasurer
Donna Bailey – Recording Secretary
Mitzi Barker – Vestry Clerk
Dan Green
Heidi Hahn
Leslea McCabe
Charles Rountree
Mike Ward

2019 Parish Delegates to the Northeast Deanery and Diocesan Convention

Marty Buchsbaum
Charles Chambers
Penni Chambers
Chris Frenk
Ray Wallace

Vestry Minutes

01-24-19 Meeting of the Vestry

02-28-19 Meeting of the Vestry

03 23 19 Meeting of the Vestry

4-25-2019 Meeting of the Vestry

05-22-2019 Special Vestry Meeting Minutes with Supporting Documentation

05-23-2019 Meeting of the Vestry



Vestry Memorandum

Memorandum from the Vestry regarding the Endowed Reserve Fund 19 05 20